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“A Clean Sweep”

A World’s Series clean sweep is a special treat for baseball fans. Can you guess how many there have been in baseball history?
The answer is 17. Ten of those victories have gone to American League teams, and seven for National League teams.
Surprisingly, 8 of the 10 American League clean sweeps were accomplished by the New York Yankees. But the very first World Series clean sweep went to the Chicago Cubs.
In the 1907 World Series, the Cubs battled the Detroit Tigers. The first game, called because of darkness after 12 innings, ended in a 3-3 tie. Chicago went on to dominate in game 2, winning 3-1, and in game 3, scoring 5 runs to the Tigers’ 1.
The Tigers fought back in game 4 with a 1-0 lead in the fourth inning when an up-and-comer named Ty Cobb smacked a triple to bring in a run. But the Tigers lost 6-1.
Game 5 was Detroit’s last chance. But Chicago’s ace pitcher Mordecai Brown, threw a seven-hitter and clinched a 2-0 win, giving the Cubs the first-ever World Series clean sweep. It takes lots of hard work and a little luck for a baseball team to end up in the history books with a clean sweep. But you can score a clean sweep every day on the job just by practicing good housekeeping.
*Clean up your act. Sweep floors, clear up clutter, clean up dust and spills, and dispose of waste promptly.
*Get Organized. Put tools and equipment in their proper places, inventory all parts, organize shelves and store all records.
*Avoid slips, trips and falls. Clean or report all spills immediately. Remove debris or other obstructions from stairs and walkways. Fix or report loose carpeting. Never use broken or unstable ladders.
*Spend time on tools. Inspect tools before use, clean when finished and store properly.
*Reduce fire hazards. Dispose of oily rags in proper containers; store chemicals and flammables properly; keep areas free of wood, paper and other combustibles; smoke only in designated areas.
*Practice personal hygiene. Wash hands often. Keep cuts and sores bandaged. Keep hands away from your eyes, nose and mouth. Keep work cloths clean.
Keep Work Areas Clean
Make Housekeeping Your Routine

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