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My Two-Wheeler
My Two-Wheeler

“It’s A Ringer !”

It’s summer! And you know what that means-picnics! And when it comes to picnic fun, there’s only one sport for true aficionados. Horseshoes. But did you know that the game of horseshoes dates back to early Greek and Roman times? It’s true. Here’s the story.
The early Greeks held athletic contests, and one of the most hotly contested sports was the discus throw. According to legend, the many support personnel who followed the Greek armies could not afford to buy a discus. So they found discarded horseshoes, set up a stake, and began to throw, mimicking a variation of the discus throw known as quoits. The game of horseshoes was born, and its popularity spread.
After the Revolutionary War, England set up rules in 1869 to govern the game. The distance between the stakes was set at 19 yards. The ground around the stake was clay, and all measurements for points were taken between the nearest parts of the stake and the horseshoe. These and other rules stuck, creating the game we know today.
The first horseshoe tournament open to all comers was held in 1910 in Bronson, Kansas. The winner, Frank Johnson was awarded a world championship belt adorned with small horseshoes. Today the game of horseshoes has countless leagues, governing bodies and tournaments, but what really matters is the person who stands with the horseshoe in his or her hand, sensing its heft, and then makes a throw hoping for a ringer.
In a similar way, safety always comes down to the individual. We have the safety rules to guide us but the essence of safety is simple-awareness. This is especially true in the summer when disregard for the hot weather can lead to heat stress. Or when upcoming vacation plans or summer sports and activities can become a distraction and take your attention off the job. And remember, if planning any home repairs or improvements, safety rules apply at home too.
What really matters every day on the job is the worker who takes the measure of every task in order to be sure of how to do it safely. No one can do it for you. It’s up to you. That’s the way to be safe every day and all summer long so that you can play your part in summer fun.
Work Safely All Summer Long!

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