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The Mind Of A Ninja

When you think of the ninja, you probably think of martial arts fury. But there’s something else about ninjas, it’s their steely mental focus. Yes, the ninja’s mind power is legendary, but where does this power come from?

The art of the ninja is called ninjutsu—a discipline that was developed 1,100 years ago on the Japanese island of Honshu. Ninjutsu involves martial arts training, of course, but even more important is training in mind power.

Ninjas get their mental focus from an esoteric mediation practice called Kuji Kiri or the Nine Hand Seals. When ninjas meditate, they don’t just wile away the time contemplating their navels. First they quiet their minds. Then enter into a deep state of deep relaxation and then they begin.

As they mediate, they make a series of symbolic hand gestures by crossing their fingers over one another in specific patterns. There are nine patterns in all. Each one serves to focus the ninja’s mind. The first hand position for example, focuses the ninja on developing strength in body and mind. The second one helps focus on directing the energy flow within the body. The third hand position directs the mind to complete awareness of the universe. And so on.

With this special form of meditation, ninjas focus their minds like laser beams. They are completely focused. Because they are so focused, their actions become powerful.

Attention. Focus. Mind power. That’s what we want on the job. No, you don’t have the discipline of a ninja, but you can make up your mind right now to approach every task with complete attention to safety.

You can start by taking a moment to focus your mind before you start a task to think about possible hazards and how to avoid them. Then as you are working remind yourself over and over to keep your mind on what you’re doing. If you face a situation that might be a safety risk, remember to stop and think. Simply acting out of instinct or reflex can leave you open to injury.

Your level of attention during your shift determines whether you’ll go home at the end of the day or get sidelined with an injury. Don’t lose your focus. Don’t let frustrations get the better of you. Stay in control. Stay on top of your game. Stay aware and you’ll stay safe.


Your Job Demands It, Your Safety Depends On It!

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