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It’s Up to Me!

“If it’s going to be, it’s up to me,” says Robert Schuller, motivational author and one of America’s most beloved ministers.  He should know.  Through faith and positive thinking, he went from preaching at a drive-in to the creation of the magnificent Crystal Cathedral.

Schuller knew all his life that he wanted to be a minister.  In 1950 he fulfilled that dream when the Reformed Church of America ordained him.

As minister of the Ivanhoe Reformed Church in Chicago, Schuller grew the congregation from 30 to 500.  But his dream was “to build a great church for God, a church that would change and save lives, a church dedicated to the creed, ‘Find a need and fill it, find a hurt and heal it’.”

So in 1955, with his wife and just $500 in his pocket, Dr. Schuller went to Garden Grove, California.  He rented the Orange Drive-In Theater and conducted Sunday services from the roof of the snack bar. He believed he would achieve his dream and he did. The Crystal Cathedral opened 25 years later in 1980.  With over 12,000 panes of glass and a sparkling contemporary bell tower, the Crystal Cathedral is an Orange County landmark visible for miles around-proof that Schuller’s positive thinking works.

Through positive thinking, Dr. Schuller was able to take responsibility for his life and create an ideal environment for his work.  Positive thinking has a role in safety too.  Every day on the job, we have the same opportunity to create a workplace that’s safe.  Positive thinking is really about making yourself an agent for your own safety.  When you keep safety in mind you are empowered to make all of your actions safe ones.

Leave nothing to chance when it comes to safety. Wear the protective gear that’s required for your job, read labels and SDSs, follow lock-out/tag-out procedures keep tools and equipment in good working order.  Always adhere to the safety guidelines for your particular job. If you have a question about a job or a suggestion, talk to your supervisor.

Quality and Productivity are also part of your job.  When you approach work with a positive attitude the quality of your work also improves.

When you follow safety procedures, produce quality work and use your time on-the-job efficiently you take an important positive step–one that increases safety, quality and productivity.

Safety, Quality, Productivity…

It’s Up To Me!

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