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Team Up!

Football is all about long-bomb passes, amazing kick returns, and bone-crunching hits.  But what really makes football the great game it is?

Simple. Teamwork.

When a football team takes position on the line of scrimmage, every player has his job.  Each player also knows-the more they work together, the more they win.

Take just one play, the flea flicker. It’s a surprise play that’s tough to pull off because it demands precise teamwork.  Here’s how it’s set up.  There are two guards on either side of the center.  There are two tackles on either side of the guards.  On the right is the tight end.  Further out, there are left and right wide receivers.

At the snap, the guards, tackles and center plow into the opposing team’s defense.  The wide receivers sprint downfield. The quarterback drops back as he throws a lateral to the halfback behind him.  This tricks the other team into thinking it’s a running play.

But then the halfback laterals back to the quarterback, who has just bought himself lots of time.  He looks downfield. He can hit either wide receiver. He can hit the halfback, who’s now running downfield.  He can even hit the fullback who’s rolling out to his left. Picking his target, the quarterback launches his pass.

It’s a brilliantly coordinated effort among many toward one goal-winning.  That makes it a lot like safety on the job.

You have a team of coworkers and you depend on them just as they depend on you.  So here’s what you do.

Huddle Up. Meet with your coworkers beforehand and discuss how you’re going to approach the job with maximum safety.  Communication is key.

Choose your play.  Review the potential hazards and safety rules and regulations.  Then decide on the safest way to go.

Execute. Follow your plan without shortcuts or risk-taking.  Do your part, do your best and watch out for your team members.

That’s what it takes to win.  Team players know it. That’s why New York Giants QB Phil Simms ran a flea flicker against the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XXI.  He trusted his team and they scored a touchdown on the very next play.

On the field or on the job, teamwork makes the difference.  Don’t be a lone wolf, don’t be a risk taker and don’t be a superstar. Why risk it? Your safety is too important to you, your family and your company.  Instead, always remember…


Work Together, Win Together!

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