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Nite Beams™ Ultra Bright White LED Wrist Lights | 2 Pack | NB2100


Nite Beams™ has award-winning safety apparel that can best benefit anyone who wishes to increase the visibility of workers in low-light situations.


  • LED wrist lights create a wide beam of ultra-bright, white light that illuminates working areas up to 30 feet.
  • Ideal for mechanics, plumbers, electricians, hunters, fisherman, night roadway workers, security personnel, night delivery, and any other activity needing hands-free illumination.
  • 100 Lumens total, LED wrist lights provide up to 10 hours of constant “ON”.
  • High visibility, reflective strap with Velcro closure fits men and women.
  • Clip light may be removed from the wristband and attached to the bill of a hat.
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery pack (1 oz.) takes 1.5 hours to charge, charging cable included.
  • Wearable under all weather conditions.
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Nite Beams™ LED Wrist Lights provide you with hands-free lighting. Wear them on your wrist or clip on onto a bill of hard hats or baseball caps. These lights provide bright illumination, increasing productivity and preventing injuries. Originally sold to the Air Force and NASA, they are now being used by mechanics, hunters, fishermen, tow truck operators, and others. The perfect solution for anyone needing hands-free lighting.


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