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Safe Harbor

You’ve heard about the Seven Wonders of the World.  But do you know which of the Seven Wonders of the World had a practical use as well as architectural value? This structure, the first of its kind, stood for 1500 years.  It survived three earthquakes and was depicted on a Roman coin.  It outlasted all other structures except the Great Pyramid, which stands today.  Here’s the story.

The Lighthouse of Alexandria, or the Pharos Lighthouse as it was called, was both a marvel and a godsend to ancient mariners. Built in 290 B.C., it is the first recorded lighthouse and it was located on the ancient island of Pharos, founded by Alexander the Great in 332 B.C. It illuminated the harbor as a signal to sailors, using fire at night and reflecting sun rays during the day.  Scientist were amazed by the lighthouse’s mirror, whose reflection could be seen over 35 miles offshore. Legend has it that the mirror was so powerful it could burn enemy ships before they reached the shore.

Architects were awed by the structure’s size.  As tall as a modern 40-story building, the Pharos Lighthouse measured 384 feet, including the foundation, making it the tallest building of its day.

But the sailors navigating the dangerous waters and flat coastline benefited most.  The lighthouse ensured their safe return to the Great Harbor.

Each of us must safely navigate around hundreds of hazards and unexpected situations every day at work, at home and on the road.  It can be demanding, but safety cannot be denied. YOU must decide to work safely-no one can make that decision for you.

Slips, trips and falls; cuts and lacerations; chemical and machine-related injuries; virtually any type of injury you can think of CAN be prevented-if we just take the time to think and act safely.

Develop a sharp, watchful eye for hazards and take steps to eliminate them, both on and off the job. Accidents, like dangerous waters are unexpected and unwanted.  Hazards can take you by surprise, but just like a ship’s captain who pilots his craft with care and skill, with planning and attention, you can identify and avoid hazards if and when they do occur.

When you take the responsibility for safety, you will reap the rewards.

Remember Safety Depends On You

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