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The 804 Group knows the workplace and the homeplace are two gifts interwoven throughout our lives. One affects the other. That’s why cultivating and promoting a safer and more enriching environment is our goal.

Visit our websites and explore our products. While nestled in our country’s Heartland, The 804 Group promotes a safer space at work and at home. Roll up your sleeves and stay safe in the workplace. Take it home and let your hair down in a chemical-free yard with family and friends.

Find satisfaction in all of your toil.

The 804 Group

Harkins Safety

The Harkins Safety Story

Harkins Safety was established in 1947 in Pittsburgh, PA, just two years after the end of WWII. Timed just right to grow with industry following the war, Harkins Safety established itself as a prominent distributor of safety supplies across the United States while having sales representatives located throughout.

At the heart of Harkins Safety’s mission is boosting safety awareness and employee morale, enabling employees to own their role in a safe workplace, and providing safety professionals with the tools they need to communicate safe work behavior.

Sixty years after Harkins Safety’s founding, the focus was narrowed to banners and posters, where the team narrowed in on creating and providing safety messages that included catchy rhymes, themes, and imagery. This effort expanded on Harkins’ historical offering, and grew to include over 1,000 messages, images, and themes. Each promoting workplace safety and employee commitment to safety.

Today, Harkins Safety continues it’s rich history focused on employee safety, serving longstanding customers, and welcoming new customers. We offer custom banners, posters, and stickers – either with your own safety message or one of ours. With that, the option of adding your company’s logo. Harkins is currently hard at work developing new methods of housing and deploying Lock Out / Tag Out programs for the workplace. (More to come on that in the near future – check out myharkinshouse.com). Finally, we are committed to providing our services and products with honesty, friendliness, and convenient service.

Building on Harkins Safety’s longstanding support of the American employee, The 804 Group added Harkins Safety to its operation in 2021. The 804 Group began with the development of products safe for use. Now expanding by adding Harkins Safety, and we at “804” are adding to the Harkins offering. We are remodeling the website, making the wide selection easy to browse, offering free shipping, and building a new lineup of products. We are investing in additional printing technology, and looking forward to our launch of myharkinshouse.com.

Thanks for checking out Harkins Safety today. We hope you find the safety messaging that you are looking for, and if not, let us know by emailing info@harkinssafety.com or calling 855-423-7824. We are glad to help, ready to design a new banner, poster, decal, or wallet card for you. We look forward to helping you on your safe workplace journey.

Harkins Safety Team

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The Blue Star Mills Story

Undisturbed soil holds a fascinating colony of vigorous bacteria and robust fungus. Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, and other healthy elements from the soil are busily harvested beneath our feet. By and by inorganic chemicals killed out the established colonies. In short, this killed out the grass and made questionable safety for our lawns for us, our animals, and our environment.

We at Blue Star Mills knew there had to be a better way. We need a natural lawn fertilizer that creates a healthy yard and safety for our families.

Replace the need for N-P-K fertilizers. CertainTurf Natural Lawn Fertilizer restores the rhizome activity in the soil. Microbial colonies will receive strength beneath the surface and we will see results above. With CertainTurf, Rhizome activity is re-established. Incredibly valuable root mass will begin to develop. Blue Star Mills researched and designed a better way. CertainTurf restores the symbiotic relationship underground while creating a safer durable lawn above. Work and play with joy on a CertainTurf lawn.

Strength beneath the surface, results above the surface.