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“The Magic Kingdom”

Have you ever wondered how the world-famous Walt Disney Magic Kingdom keeps customers clamoring for more year after year? It’s simple. They use a tried and true formula.
The Walt Disney Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida depends on the nonstop attention to detail by its employees to keep the magic flowing. The director of the Kingdom says that every employee is a member of the theme park’s cast. Even a host or hostess who takes an order in a restaurant has a speaking role in the theatrical production that is the Magic Kingdom.
Employees are trained to pay attention to the minutest detail as part of the theme park’s passion for creating a satisfying experience for customers. Naturally, good housekeeping is an essential part of everyone’s job.
A network of spacious underground corridors provides support services for the shows, rides and everything that goes on above ground. Giant vacuum tubes near the ceiling carry waste paper to an on-site refuse station. Hazardous wastes like paint and chemicals are disposed of carefully.
These same service corridors house the world’s largest operating wardrobe, a barber shop and a 24-hour hair salon. Without the service corridors, the staff would have to move supplies around above ground, breaking the spell. It would be like pushing a wardrobe cart across the stage in the middle of a Broadway play.
Every worker and every company can benefit from this kind of attention to detail, especially when it comes to housekeeping. Good housekeeping reduces accidents, prevents fires, saves time, increases production and cuts operating costs.
So work the magic of attention to detail by always remembering to…..
*Dispose of waste and trash properly, including flammable liquids and oily or paint-covered rags.
*Wipe up spills immediately.
*Stack boxes and other items neatly and at a reasonable height, away from stairs and traffic areas.
*Pick up tools and other objects that could cause a trip or fall.
*Return equipment to its proper place.
*Make sure fire exits, fire extinguishers, and sprinklers are clearly marked and free of obstructions.
Good housekeeping isn’t magic. It’s just good sense, because accident prevention is good for all of us. All it takes is for employees to stay alert, care about their jobs and care about the customers. That makes our workplace safer for everyone.
Keep It Clean!
Your Work Area Is No Place For An Accident.

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