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“Mr Clean”

When you’re talking about cleaning, there’s one face everyone recognizes.  He was created when soap-maker Proctor & Gamble wanted to capture some of the lucrative liquid cleanser market, then dominated by Lestoil.

Searching for an angle, Proctor & Gamble found advertising agency Tatham-Laird, Inc.  The agency’s creative staff got down to work, and the idea they came up with, after days of brainstorming, was a brawny, bald-headed man with a gold ring in his left ear.

The creative staff got an animator to draw the character and even wrote a jingle for him. They called him Mr. Clean.

That was 1958, and Mr. Clean is still going strong today.  Just how strong?

Mr. Clean, one of America’s most recognized faces, will compete in the America’s Favorite Icon contest with the likes of Tony the Tiger, Smokey Bear, and Ready Kilowatt to see who is the most popular advertising mascot.

While popularity and name recognition may earn the title for MR. Clean, we all win when our workplace is cleaner and safer.

So how’s your housekeeping?

Are your tools, chemicals, and machinery stored in their proper places?  When everything’s clean, organized and properly labeled, you reduce spills, chemical incidents, fire hazards, slips, trips and falls.

Is the clutter removed?  Through-out the day, pick up trash and clutter and dispose of it.  Sweep up dust, sawdust and scraps too.  You’ll be safer and more productive without clutter in your way.

What about spills?  Do you clean up or report them immediately?  Take action immediately on spills, especially if it’s chemical or a flammable.  You don’t want to risk a fire or chemical incident.  Even an ordinary liquid when left on the floor becomes a hazard that could cause a painful slip and fall.  Why risk it?

Are walkways clear?  Be sure to remove debris and obstructions from walkways, doorways and stairways.  When walkways and stairs are blocked with tools, cords and clutter a hazard is created.  Not only for falls but it’s a fire hazard too.  You can eliminate this hazard just by keeping all walking areas clear.  It’s a simple solution to what can be a very painful problem.

Worn or damaged flooring?  Report it.  If you see loose flooring or worn carpet, say something.  Don’t put yourself or your coworkers at risk from something as easily correctable as this.

These simple tips will keep you safer, improve your productivity and demonstrate that you’re a pro.  Mr. Clean couldn’t be more proud.

Cleaner is Safer.  How’s your housekeeping?

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